A Swedish Bank Adopts A New Technology That Will Improve Customer Service

A Swedish Bank has adopted a new technology that will improve customer service. For a long period, Swedbank has been making several attempts to determine the best technology for IT asset disposition companies that can provide excellent computer support for the benefit of its customers. It has finally been found and adopted.

The new technology is called Nuance Nina. It is basically an automated virtual assistant meant to enhance service delivery especially for online customers. This amazing technology was developed by an American company called Nuance Communications. It will help to answer customer questions on banking related issues while simulating human conversational style of communication.

According to the bank’s CEO, this move will help to respond to banking questions of a large number of customers. They will not have to rely on calling customer care agents because this may be time consuming especially when caller traffic is high. It is expected that this initiative will not only improve customer support but also attract new customers.

The technology works in simple way. Customers will not have to undergo any form of training for them to use it. It does not require experience either. The customer will simply be required to type his querry into the chat box on the bank’s website. Nuance Nina will then use its language understanding technology to gain access to a database which contains about 250 answers in order to find an appropriate reply.

The technology will also act as an internal resource for over 700 customer service agents of Swedbank.This will enable them access information quickly and easily. It will reduce on time spent in searching information when responding to customer’s questions. It is therefore a techology that will not only benefit customers but also the bank’s staff, preminently customer service agents.

According to Martin Kedback, the head of channel telephony at Swedbank, they have one common database. Therefore, if a customer types in the same question different times, he will get the same answer. This will help to solve the problem of varied responses that can be confusing or raise questions about the bank’s credibility.

The bank’s CEO also stated that 75% of its customers prefer to use online/mobile banking services as opposed to physical branches which are a bit hectic and time consuming. This is one of the reasons why they have adopted Nuance Nina technolgy to enhance IT support and improve customer service. He also added that they are targeting to handle over 30,000 conversations every month by using this outstanding technology. This implies that many customers will be attended to. They will therefore develop more trust in the bank following its commitment to respond to their querries.

The new virtual assistant techonlogy is currently being used in Swedbanks located in Sweden only. But plans are underway to ensure that it is also used in its branches which are located in different countries such as Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania among others.

We expect that the technology will go beyond improving customer service by enabling the bank to attract new customers and expand further.